It’s now pretty dark in Finland and we’re  is still getting less and less daylight until southern Finland gets about 6 hours of daylight in December. These dark mornings need something to ease the waking up process!!! I’m using Spotify Premium on my phone and this morning I wished I could use it as an alarm clock – setting up the time and a song in the evening and waking up to some great song in the morning. Wouldn’t that be great?

And a second wish to Spotify (Premium or not): rating songs. One star or no stars isn’t enough. I’m getting so many playlists and songs that it’s harder and harder to remember the great ones from the good ones.

TIP: I started to have wayyyyyy too many playlists in the sidebar and it was a mess, so I made album groups by making a new playlist like ”Rock album links” and added only the first song of each album to that playlist. And Spotify makes it easy to jump to albums from there. And because I like order, I also created empty playlists named ”—————” and use them to divide playlists in to groups by genre.