Safari on iPhone4S crashes with webkit-backface-visibility

I  removed flickering of an 2400px wide element while animating it by adding -webkit-backface-visibility:hidden; to the CSS. It worked fine. Later on a collegue reported that the Safari of his iPhone4S crashes everytime a section of the page is renderer. I managed to pinpoint the crash to the that line in the CSS. The fix was to replace it with -webkit-transform:translate3d(0,0,0);. No flickering or crashing after that!

Very handy HTML5 & CSS3 checker: Modernizr.js

Modernizr detects which HTML5 and CSS3 features user’s browser supports and reports them in a very convenient way: it adds classes to the body tag. The supported features can be checked with javascript, but reporting features with CSS classes is ingenious! Developer don’t have to write if…else -conditions all over javascript because validation can be done in the stylesheet.
Jatka lukemista ”Very handy HTML5 & CSS3 checker: Modernizr.js”

Facebook API – Asking permissions and posting to user’s wall

The Facebook API, one of the most used poorly documented API ever made. Yahoo Maps traumatized me years ago and won the first ”great service killed by poor documentation” trophy. Facebook API is now the new King in this area. The Graph API in much much better, but the documention is still below acceptable

Here is a working FBML example for your Facebook Page on how to ask permission from the user to post to his feed and sending the post after it. Jatka lukemista ”Facebook API – Asking permissions and posting to user’s wall”