Adaptive search for easy and fast discovery

Search on a large webshop site usually returns a lot of unwanted results. Especially searching with general terms when you don’t know or remember exactly what you are looking for (i.a. ”shirt”, ”shoes”). In this example the user is looking for a pair of sneakers. Searching with ”sneakers” in Amazon returns over 50 000 results. And specifying your search isn’t very easy.

An adaptive search would make the next steps toward discovering the correct product easier and faster.  Each item on the search results would have 2 options: remove an item from results and narrow results down to certain items. Jatka lukemista ”Adaptive search for easy and fast discovery”

Micropayments vs. micro-earnings

Micropayments are coming like a rollercoaster: faster, slower, faster, slower, up, down up, and making more or less noise. But, eventually, micropayments will be in our everyday lives. App Store is one kind of micropayment site, but true micropayments are just few cents or maybe millicents. They are collected when accessing magazine and newspaper articles, playing games and donating to charity.

But it should be a two way street and the money should also move to the users’ virtual pockets. Micro-earnings are more interesting than payments!
Jatka lukemista ”Micropayments vs. micro-earnings”